Monday, 28 April 2014

April favourites

Hi Everyone, Today im sharing with you my April Favourites, these are the products ive been reaching for most frequently this month some are new, some are not but they all deserve a mention so lets get stuck in.
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1. Deep Steep Moisture stick. This came in my march Love Me beauty box, the lavender and chamomile scented  stick can be used on any areas of dry skin, ive mainly been using this as a lip balm at night, I find the lavender scent is subtle and calming so perfect for nightime.
Available here.
2. Tanya Burr Lip gloss ( Picnic in the park ).
I spent so long resisting the urge to buy any of Tanyas new lip and nail products, but when I popped into my local Superdrug and saw the beautiful lip glosses all lined up, I just had to get one. I chose Picnic in the park because I remembered seeing Tanya Burr wearing the shade in one of her videos and it looked stunning, its a girly pink which isnt ususally my thing but I really like it.
Available here.
3. Tanya Burr Nail polish ( Bright and Early ).
Whilst resisting the temptation to buy every single lip gloss in the collection, I decided that I should definitely treat myself to one of the nail polishes too, I was torn between a few but eventually settled on Bright and Early, its a stunning Coral pinky colour, it adds a real POP of colour to any outfit. I was so pleased to find that the formula of these nail polishes actually do live up to the hype surrounding them. For an opaque finish it only took 2 coats and my nails remained chip free for 3/4 days. I just need every colour now!
Available here.
4. Maybelline Color tattoo in Pink Gold.
I see these creamy eyeshadow pots as the drugstore version of MAC Paintpots which I really like to use as bases for my eyeshadows, but Ive found myself using this frequently over the last few weeks as my only eyeshadow product, its probably because of how easy this is to apply, the fact I can use my finger to pop this onto my eyelid, no need for eye primer or brushes pleases me no end and  the colour is a subtle pink which doesnt crease or slide off through the day.
Available here.
5. Batiste Dry shampoo (Oriental ).
Ive never been overly taken with the dry shampoo thing, I think I just prefer to wash my hair often and use various root lifting products to give my hair some extra volume. However, my hair has been particularly troublesome recently by becoming greasy after one day so ive found myself reaching for this Oriental Batiste spray on a more regular basis. Im hoping the changes in my hair are due to some hormonal issues and will go back to normal soon, in the mean time I shall be repurchasing this for the foreseeable future. 
Available here.
6. Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof eyeliner (Taupe).
I love a good waterproof eyeliner and this one certainly lived up to my expectations, no smudging or running at all, even when my hayfever decided to rear its ugly head, this eyeliner just stays put. Im not often one to use a coloured eyeliner, infact I NEVER use coloured eyeliner but I decided to give this one a try as its a neutral tone so I figured it would look nice along with my more neutral eyeshadows and a bolder lip. Ive worn it loads recently and cant see me giving it up anytime soon. If you havent tried the scandeleyes eyeliners before, you really should. Im even thinking of trying one of the bolder colours in the future.
Available here.
7. Loreal Superliner, Perfect slim. (Intense black).
This was recommended to be by Kirsty (her Youtube channel is adropofglitter) because I instagrammed a pic of a rimmel liner pen which I was pretty dissappointed with as it wasnt a true black and it didnt last very long. So Kisrty suggested this Loreal liner, im so glad she did as its amazing, it gives the perfect truest black slim line and is really quite easy to work with for a winged liner effect if thats your thing.
Available here.
8. Estee Lauder Advanced night repair serum.
I was bought my first bottle of this for my last birthday and it quickly became a major part of my nightime skincare routine. 2 bottles later and I cant see it changing anytime soon but I felt it deserved a mention as an April favourite because my skin hasnt been great recently, infact there have been days where ive wanted to cry as the breakouts are starting to get me down, but when I go to bed at night with the Advanced night repair on my face, I find it soothing and I just feel like its my little bit of luxury and pampering at the end of each day which is a feeling ive been very appreciative of this month.
Available here.
9. Maybelline, The Falsies Waterproof mascara.
This mascara has made it into my favourites this month because I stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago in amongst the various products ive pushed to one side over time and since finding it ive used it non stop. Im sure nearly everyone has tried or currently owns The Falsies, even if it is right at the back of your make up stash, go and dig it out, im so happy I did because I for one had forgotten just how good this mascara is. Its does everything I want a mascara to do, volumises, lengthens, no clumps and the waterproof formula helps keep the curl in my lashes, its just amazing.
Available here.
What are your April favourites?
Do you know any cheaper alternatives to the products ive mentioned? If so id love to hear from you.
Thank you for reading,
Emily x

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