Monday, 5 May 2014

Current nail polish favourites

Hi everyone, Happy bank holiday monday!
Im back today with my current nail polish favourites. These are the colours Ive been loving over the last few weeks, theres 10 of them and believe it or not thats after I debated over 15. It may see, like an awful lot for favourite nail polishes but I do tend to change the colour of my nails rather frequently as I get bored pretty easily.
(Main picture from left to right)
1. Barry M Gelly- Sugar Apple
2. Tanya Burr- Bright and Early
3. Rimmel Salon Pro- Reggae Splash
4. PS nail polish for Primark- PS2484
5. OPI Nail laquer- You callin' me a lyre?
( Main picture left to right )
6. Barry M Gelly- Greenberry
7. Nails inc- Warwick avenue
8. Barry M Gelly- Prickly pear
9. Barry M Gelly- Papaya
10. Nails inc- Porchester square
As you can see my nails arent in the best condition so apologies for the photo quality but I just wanted to share the nail polishes that ive been using most frequently in recent weeks. I think its fair to say im a real fan of the Barry M Gelly polishes, they are just such good value and have a beautiful colour selection. Speaking of good value, I was blown away by the quality of the Primark polish, its a beautiful vibrant purpley pink colour and at £1 its around a quarter of the price of the average drugstore nail polish. Bargain.
Thank you for reading.
Emily x

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