As the author of Plus Size Beauty Addict, I can assure you as the reader that any opinions expressed on my blog are my own, they are my thoughts on products, situations, clothing items and any other topics I may choose to discuss. I will have come to my own conclusions on these subjects through trying and testing items and then expressing how said items made me feel.  

My blog does contain links to items in order to help readers visualise what it is I am describing, these links may benefit me if readers were to purchase the item via my link. As a beauty blogger I may accept gifts or PR samples which are sent to me to review, this does not sway my opinion on the products at all and I will always give my full honest review regardless of how I obtained the product.  Any items that are gifts or PR samples will be marked with ( *) throughout or at the end of the blog post. My opinions are not intended to offend anyone, nor do I seek to cause any upset or distress to individuals or companies.

PR- Should you wish to send me a gift or a sample, please be aware that I will take my own time to test the items and will not be rushed into publishing the review before my opinion is fully formed. Please note that sending me a sample does NOT guarantee that I will post a review or mention the item on my blog, nor does it sway my opinion.

Any comments posted to this blog are the sole responsibility of the author (blog  reader) and I will not take responsibility for said individuals thoughts or opinions. I will however do my best to moderate any comments on my blog posts and if I deem any to be inappropriate or offensive,  I as the blog author will remove such comments. Should you (the reader) find any content offensive, malicious, sensitive or unnecessary, please contact me via email so I may rectify the problem. My email address is em18mls@gmail.com.

I am open to the concept of sponsored posts, though once again, being compensated for posting a sponsored post does NOT guarantee a glowing review, I will not recommend anything I don’t genuinely believe will interest my readers or that I have not personally experienced myself. If a post is sponsored it will be made clear with the use of the following (*SP) in the title and once again at the end of the post.


If you have any questions or wish to contact me please do so via

Twitter: @plussizebeautyx

Thank you,

Emily x


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