Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Barry M Gelly Pastels

Hi everyone, Just a quickie post on the new pastel colours added to the Gelly Hi-shine range, let me start by saying I have been a big fan of the Barry M Gelly nail polishes since they were first released, I like the formula, the finish and the fact that even without a top coat my nails stay chip free and shiny for a good 4+ days (in my experience). My one gripe with these polishes is the lack of colour choices, I see mostly darker shades or bright and bold colours, with the exception of Lychee which is the perfect nude colour for me, Ive just not been bowled over by the colour selection, until now.
Bring on the Spring pastels

Above we have Rose Hip (L) and Sugar Apple (R),
in addition to these two shades there is also Huckleberry, which I hunted high and low for but after trips to three Boots stores and two Superdrugs I gave up. Not being able to lay my hands on Huckleberry is making me want it even more.

So far Ive worn the two shades i bought for a couple of days each to see how i like them, both colours apply just as easily as the rest of the Gelly range, they do take 2-3 coats to acheive bottle colour but for me thats not an issue as i find it dries relatively quickly between coats.

Here is the Rose Hip

Its a beautiful colour, not at all like some pastel pink shades around it actually really stands out, I can see me wearing this alot over the next few months as it will go perfectly with the pastel spring pieces currently on my wishlist.

Then we have the Sugar Apple,

When I first applied Sugar Apple to my nails I must admit I was unsure how I felt about the colour, I thought perhaps it was too cool on me, maybe it was just a tad brighter than the shades I am used to wearing, I dont know, whatever the reason it did take a bit of getting used to but after half an hour or so I had totally fallen in love with the colour.
Its just the perfect pastel blue with a slight aqua/ turqoise hue to it. It certainly stands out and adds a pop of colour to any outfit, like the Rose Hip I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this colour so I feel they are a great addition to the Gelly line of nail polishes. If I had to choose a favourite out of these two shades I would absolutely pick the Sugar Apple, purely for the fact that when im wearing it I find myself just sitting and admiring the colour.

Have you tried the pastel Gelly shades yet? Do you have any recommendations of other spring nail polishes that you love? If so id love to hear from you.

Emily x


  1. Oooooh, I love Sugar Apple! I'm definitely adding that to my shopping list! I'm wearing Essie's Tart Deco at the moment - a gorgeous bright coral colour perfect for spring!

    1. Hi Lydia, its such a great colour isnt it?! I only own one Essie nail polish, maximillian strasse her but I will definitely be adding more to my collection so I shall check out tart deco too.
      Thanks for the comment lovely.
      Emily x

  2. Oh gosh they are such gorgeous colours! Think I might have to treat myself to some pastels for the spring! Barry M Gelly are some of my fave polishes x