Friday, 4 April 2014

Love Me beauty box - March.

Now i know im rather late to the party, as usual, but ive finally arrived. Its taken me months to make a decision but I finally got there, I subscribed to a beauty box! Not quite the exciting news you were expecting?.... well for me it was a big decision and one I felt needed careful consideration.
Im sure you are but incase you arent familiar with the concept of beauty boxes ill briefly explain. There are many beauty box companies to choose from, each offering a similar service which is a monthly subscription, usually around £10 plus P+P. With the subscription you recieve a box each month filled with a mixture of sample size and full sized beauty/ health/ lifestyle products.
The reason it has taken me so long to decide on a beauty box is that there are so many to choose from and as a woman it is my perogative to be indecisive occassionally. Ive watched many beauty box unboxing videos on good old YouTube, read countless beauty box reviews and ive noticed alot of people subscribe to multiple boxes, which makes me rather jealous as I definitely cant afford to do that so I wanted to take my time and choose the best one for me.

I eventually chose the Love Me beauty box subscription, it appealed to me mainly because they  appear to be the most consistent with the quality and variety of products they send to their customers. The reviews I have seen in the last few months have suggested to me that often the samples included in the box are of from the higher end brands which excites me as these are the products I wouldnt usually be able to afford to try.
I liked that there are two menus to choose from each month giving me the option to randomly click on a menu resulting in a surprise when the box arrives, or I can read through the products and choose the menu that appeals to me the most. Personally im more of a surprise kind of gal, it just makes life that bit more interesting.

Here are the products i received this month....

Of the six items I recieved, three were full size and three were sample sized, I feel like thats pretty fair for a beauty box subscription.
The items were:

Murad Sheer lustre day moisturiser, 7.5ml (sample size)rrp £64 50ml
The vintage cosmetic company Gracie lashes (full size) rrp £6
Blanx white shock toothpaste, 15ml (sample size) rrp £7.50 50ml
Deep steep, Lavender chamomile moisture stick, 15ml (full size) rrp £3.60
Quintessentially english ,Rose bath salts, 50g (sample size) rrp £4.25 100g
and finally Nip + Fab, CC eye fix in light, 2ml (full size) rrp £6

Im looking forward to using the Murad moisturiser, although Im worried that ill love it and then wont be able to purchase the full size being £64 and all. I plan to use the Gracie lashes this weekend as im going to a friends wedding reception so i shall instagram a snap of those for you all. The tv adverts for the toothpaste have me intrigued so I look forward to giving that a go, unfortunately im not a big fan of lavender scents so im not too sure ill be using the Deep steep moisture stick anytime soon. I may try out the Quintessentially English bath salts on sunday when im in a rather sorry state after my friends wedding, hopefully they will help relax my tired muscles from dancing ( sorry but there wont be any pics of that ).
My favourite product from the Love me beauty box has to be the Nip + Fab CC pen, ive heard great things about the Nip + Fab range so im excited to use this concealer, anything that claims to help hide the ever growing dark circles around my eyes gets a thumbs up from me.

So overall im really pleased with my first ever beauty box and I feel like I chose the right one for me. If you are in the same position as me and want to join a beauty box subscription but can only afford one and arent sure which to choose, remember you can always change your mind. The subscription is usually on a month to month basis so if you get a duff box and decide that actually you would rather try out a different one, you can!

If you would like to subscribe to Love Me beauty box, or if you just want some more info, click here.

Take care,
Emily x



  1. I've been thinking about subscribing to another beauty box for a while but couldn't quite decide! I used to get Glossyboxes but they started to be a bit disappointing, so I stopped. This one definitely seems worth a look. I'm very tempted!!

    1. Hi Lydia, so many people have said the same about glossybox, ive heard many say they are going to cancel their subscriptions as the products being sent out arent of the standard customers expect. I was torn for a while between birchbox and Love me beauty box but im so pleased I went with love me. Obviously if my financial situation were to improve I would be all over both lol.
      I say go for it and subscribe, you can always cancel. Go on, treat yourself :) :
      Emily xx

  2. Hi Emily,
    I've not even heard of this particular beauty box. I used to get the glossy box every month :). Glossy box sent me the Nip Fab concealer as well and it's a fantastic product :).